Communities not cuts - find your labour municipal & School candidates

CUPE municipal and school board members are what make our communities work.

Municipal workers deliver the vital services you depend on. They maintain roads, operate water & sewage plants, deliver public health services, maintain our parks, collect garbage & recycling, & keep the streets clean. In short, they do all the things that make our towns & cities work.


Our education workers meet all our children’s educational needs. They are the backbone of our schools and do over 600 different jobs across Ontario to make sure students are supported.


Even though our municipal and education workers do all the hard work, they don’t get to make all the decisions – that’s left to councillors and trustees. But once every four years they do get to help elect their own bosses.

On October 24th is year, let’s join them at the polls & elect leaders who will defend local services they deliver & choose communities, not cuts.

We are still talking to candidates across the province. Labour & CUPE endorsed candidate info coming soon.

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